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Edius 6.02 Update 6.08




*How to install:* Download latest version (6.02) from our link above. In the zip file, you can find 'dat' folder and 'edius_update_6.02.exe' file. Install it on your computer. It is recommended to use freeware, e.g. panda from and download its setup file to your desktop (in 'panda_setup.exe' file). Install it. Run edius_update_6.02.exe file. Follow on-screen instructions.Q: Reading file in data dictionary in django I am trying to read a text file and return it in a django template. My template is: {% load static %} File {{ request.get_full_path }} {{request.path}} I am reading the file from home dir and this is my view: def index(request): print(request.path) path = os.path.join('.', request.path) with open(path, 'r') as f: content = f.readlines() return render(request, 'index.html', {'content' : content}) This gives me the following output: I was expecting I am not sure if the os.path.join part of the code is the reason why I am getting this. When I put it outside of with open() statement it works fine. A: You are seeing the name of the template file which is called main.html. The print(request.path) is printing out the path to the directory in which the templates are located. You might be better off using the context processors instead. From the docs: Context processors are small chunks of code, written in Python, that are executed each time an incoming HTTP request reaches your view function. The purpose is to do something before your view function, after your view function, or both. They are a very powerful concept,




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Edius 6.02 Update 6.08

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